How NOT to Sell Your House in the Lehigh Valley?―A Comprehensive Insight

Is your house too old? Are you just tired of living in the same area? Whatever your situation is, you can handle it in mainly 2 ways – 

Your first option is to go to an agent, who will list your house among the many homes for sale. These agents find you several potential buyers who will come and scout your house, one by one, until one of them finally agrees to make an offer for your property.

The second option is selling to an investor. Here, you don’t list your home with an agent, which means no one will know you’re selling your home. And why would you need that when someone’s ready to buy your house as-is?

Don’t waste your time finding the right buyer when you can quickly move wherever you want, whenever you want, and get paid for your house right away. Before we introduce ourselves, let’s understand why hiring an agent may not be very feasible.

Selling Your House Through An Agent

If you want to walk the path that many people do, then you’d want to consider the entire process. If you have a property in excellent condition, going with an agent might be your best route. If it’s your first time trying to sell your house, pay close attention to the steps you’ll have to go through:-

Step #1 – Do Extensive Research of Agents

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have to conduct thorough research to find the right real estate agent. Find out how many of them are there in your area, and sort out the few that seem experienced.

Step #2 – Finalizing on One Agent

You finalize an agent based on their:-

  • Ability to Sell – How quickly they’re able to sell and what’s the best price they can offer you.
  • Fees – Percentage of their commission and closing costs.
  • Expertise – How many years of experience they have, how many clients they had, etc.

If any of these are off, it could mean your house sitting on the market for a long time due to poor advertising. You may even end up not being compensated properly or paying too much money to the agent as their commission.

Step #3 – Meet With Agent and Discuss Your Property

The agent will scout your property and tell you the extensive list of repairs needed on your property before it can be put up for sale. This may even take days or months depending on what they are.

Step #4 – Sign a Binding Listing Agreement

This is a contract that gives the agent you chose the right to market and negotiate your house. In this agreement you are giving them the exclusive right to sell, meaning you have no other option for selling your property while giving up 6% of the selling price by selling through agents.

Step #5 – Allow Agent to Pictures of your Property for Listing

Your agent will come to the house and take pictures of the property that will be put up for advertising to the potential buyers. 

Step #6 – List Your Property and Wait an Eternity

Working with an agent, though opens up multiple offers, it makes you wait for a long time after the property is listed on the market. There’s no guarantee that the buyers you wait for will be able to afford it and the process could start all over.

Step #7 – Host an Open House

If the listing agent is unable to get enough buyers that are willing to pay for the property, which is likely going to be the case, you will have to host an open house where strangers will come in and go out of your house.

Step #8 – Negotiate With Potential Buyers

You won’t be the only house they’re looking for, and you are looking among many potential buyers who are looking to get the best possible deal. Get ready for a lot of back and forth in the process.

Step #9 – Get Into a Conditional Agreement

Sign the first of many documents. Sent by the buyer, this document typically lists a variety of points outlining the various ways that the buyer can back out of this purchase. 

It includes contingencies such as inspection contingency, finance contingency, appraisal contingencies, etc. In addition, this document will outline all the various reductions in selling price due to unexpected repairs. 

Step #10 – Renegotiate and Sign More Paperwork

Chances are, you may have to renegotiate the contract because of several reasons, one of the most common reasons being the requirement for more repairs. Now you have to get more repairs and sign the updated document.

Step #11 – Wait for a Closing Date

Hope that buyer gets approved by their lender, and when that happens, wait for 1-3 months for a closing date. Until then, incur additional expenses such as property taxes, insurance, utilities, etc. until the property is transferred.

Step #12 – Get Paid Minus the Agent Fees

Pretty self-explanatory. Expenses like 6% agent’s commission, closing costs, and additional costs if any.

Why Not Hire an Agent?

From what we’ve seen in the above process, it’s easy to outline at least 3 reasons why people might not want to sell their house through a real estate agent:-

  • Costly

A 6% real estate commission isn’t huge if you are selling T-Shirts—but a house? Not quite. Then there are closing costs that you might be subject to, even as a seller. Not only that, you have to pay for house repairs since no one wants to buy a house that calls for any foreseeable expenses. If they find something that isn’t functional, then it’s also going to cost you time to find a new buyer. Speaking of time…

  • Time Consuming

People who are looking for home sellers like yourself are trying to find their perfect home. While you’re waiting for the one who’ll pay the most, they’re trying to find a home that’s the biggest bang for their buck. And to have both ends meet, you may have to wait indefinitely. Even realistically, at least a month or 2.

  • Invasive and Inconvenient

You’re literally advertising your house. Doesn’t matter if you’re a politician or just a regular joe, having it known publicly may not necessarily be something you want. Besides, the potential buyers come to check every corner of your house. It’s not only invasive but inconvenient because of all the commotion caused by visitors. 

Selling Your House Through iBuyLehigh

What if there’s someone who’s ready to buy your property right away? Well, here at iBuyLehigh, we buy your property as it is, and we don’t cause any ruckus you’ll usually face while hiring an agent. With IBuyLehigh, all you need is to follow the following 3 steps:-

Step #1 – Let us Know Your Property Information

All we need is an address and basic information about the house where you put up. Fill it out here or give us a call to get a fast and fair offer from us.

Step #2 – Schedule a Visit

As soon as we have your information, let us know when we can come to pay you a visit for a quick look in and around the house. 

Step #3 – Get Paid Right Away!

After we’ve looked at your house, you pick a closing date, and you get paid. That’s it. No agent fees, no unexpected repairs, no waiting costs, etc. We’ll do the paperwork even.

Why Choose iBuyLehigh?

Some of the many reasons why so many home sellers want to sell their house to us is because of the following:-

  • Absolutely Free of Charge

Like it or not, there’s a cost of selling that’s too high for people to afford at times. Had you sold your house through an agent, you would’ve paid their commission as well as the closing cost. With iBuyLehigh, you don’t pay a dime for any of these, and there are no hidden charges.

  • No Repairs Needed

As we said, we buy your house as-is. No matter what the condition may be, we’ll take it, and you won’t have to worry about not getting any value out of it. It’s actually a big concern when you have to find buyers for your house and its condition is what stops it from getting sold.

  • Get Paid Instantly

Go through an agent and it will take months for your money to come to you since no one’s going to buy your house right away. With IBuyLehigh, as soon as you’re ready to sell your house, you’ll be compensated immediately. Whether you want to sell your house in 7 days or 7 months, we’ve got you covered. 

  • Privacy Won’t be a Concern

Since no one is barging in and out of your house every now and then, you won’t have to worry about your privacy being invaded. If you sell your house to IBuyLehigh, there won’t be multiple inspections. 

Take Action

Since a lot of people haven’t recovered from the post-COVID plummet yet, it’s difficult to sell your house. In times like these, we not only stand tall and buy properties all across Lehigh Valley but also offer you a fair price for it. 

With iBuyLehigh, you don’t just get instantly paid, but you are able to protect your privacy as well. Just click on this link, fill out the property address followed by your contact details, and we’ll get back to you with your fair offer. Or just call us directly at (484) 549-0019.

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